About Us...

Thank you for checking us out. We are Grand Leader Market & Deli where every sandwich is made to order. Come experience the tasty crunch of an oven toasted sandwich, made from our awesome assortment of meats and cheeses.

Homemade ingredients are our specialty. Since 2002 we have been oven roasting our own turkey, chicken and roast beef. We also make our own meatloaf and meatballs from scratch. All salads are made fresh from scratch as well. Our salads, deli meats and cheeses are also available by the pound. Our brick oven baked bread is locally purchased and delivered daily.

We are a great place to stop for fresh ground drip coffee made one cup at a time. Our coffee beans can be bought by the pound. As a market you can find local, micro brew and handcraft beer brands, or fine wines and spirits.

Coffee Selection

  • Heavy Rescue (medium strong)

  • Magic Joe (medium strong)

  • Dark French (strong)

  • Terrific Turkish (medium strong)

  • Jet Fuel (medium strong)

  • House Special(medium strong)

  • Colombia Supremo (medium strong)

  • Sumatra Dark (strong)

  • Sumatra Viennese (medium)

  • Decaf Colombia (medium)